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This scene was filmed a year and a half earlier after 18 year old Franco had just been released from prison for similar crimes. When he arrives he's wearing the ''rubber duckie'' shorts I gave him before he went to the big house - but they don't stay on long! Franco's ready for some action so I'm down on it, giving the best that I can. I lick the shaft of his cock and around the head (he's lovin' it) and after a while I bring out Mr. Bill for a head-2-head cockfight. I lube his cock a little and go back to finish the blowjob I started. Franco's meat twitches in my mouth and when he explodes a messy load all over my lips I eat every last drop. ''You know that felt good!'' he exclaims. I know!
Slam! Bam! Thank You, Man!
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